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Dental 3D Printers: A Booming Industry

Digital dentistry using 3D printing technology is fast, easy, and accurate both for the dentist and the patient. 3D printers work as part of a larger digital dental system, allowing us to see more patients every day. It also reduces costs, and human error and guarantees better quality of service for patients. 3D printers with intraoral scanners and CAD/CAM software leave little room for human error. Three 3D printing techniques are common in dentistry today: stereolithography (SLA), digital light processing (DLP), and material jet. Each technology can provide the accuracy and precision required in dentistry, but quality varies by machine and system. In this article, we are going to review dental 3D printers manufacturers.

What Is the Dental 3D Printing Market Value?

According to the statistics, the global dental 3D printing market value was USD 2.13 billion in 2021. Market analysts expect it to reach USD 7.22 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 30.1%. One of the main reasons why the dental 3D printing market will grow in the near future is likely to be a large number of dental diseases and conditions.

Dental 3D printing includes the design, development, and production of dental consumables and other dental products for the treatment of various dental diseases. Dental 3D printing involves creating a digital model of the object to be created and then printing that model in its actual physical form using a variety of printing techniques.

With an aging population around the world, there is an increasing demand for dental 3D printing from various medical institutions to provide unique and personalized high-quality dental items. These factors are important drivers of the dental 3D printing market.

Get to Know the Major Dental 3D Printers Manufacturers

Choosing a printer for biocompatible dental parts depends on what you want to print, how much you want to print in a day or in a week, how long it takes before you need spare parts, your budget, and the level of automation or ease of use. You should also consider the manufacturer’s level of service and support and the dental software that is compatible with the printer. In the following, we discuss the top 3D dental printers manufacturers.

#1: Envision TEC

Germany-based Envision TEC, along with its production offices around the world, is the top 3D printer brand among other 3D printers in the world. This company is the industry leader in the dental 3D printing industry with its advanced technologies.

A wide range of 3D printers for dentistry, orthodontics and laboratories are offered by this company, which entered the dental industry in 2008. Many users including dentists, laboratories, researchers and manufacturers of 3D printed products use this brand. The Envision TEC brand has a total of more than 40 different 3D printer models, and their prices range from $6,000 to $1 million.

Thanks to CDLM and 3SP technologies, these 3D printers have features such as high accuracy, high production speed, and good surface finish, and a variety of desktop 3D printers are available for various dental applications.

#2: Formlabs

A few years ago, Formlabs added a + to the end of existing model names and quietly replaced Form 3 and Form 3B (intended for dental use) with the new Form 3+ and Form 3B+. Both printers feature Formlab’s patented Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) technology, which prints fine details down to 100 microns.

Two other enhancements also speed up Form 3+ printing. One of them is a proprietary “extension” of the feature called Adaptive Layer Thickness, which analyzes part geometry and determines layer heights in the engraved model, allowing the use of thicker layers to identify the print, maximize print speed, and use fewer layers to better preserve detail. This feature is now available for all Formlabs resins.

#4: SprintRay

SprintRay only manufactures dental 3D printers. In 2022, SprintRay introduced its newest printer called Sprintray Pro S. The company says this printer does everything its predecessor did but much faster. The Pro S offers improvements such as consumable management, double heating, and 10% more print accuracy.

In April 2022, SprintRay released the SprintRay Crown, a ceramic-filled hybrid material that enables 3D printing of crowns in-house at a material cost of just $2. The company’s cloud-based design and service management software takes you from design to post-processing in a plug-and-play manner. Using third-party CAD/CAM treatment planning software and SprintRay Pro, dentists can design and 3D print surgical models in 30 minutes to quickly respond to patient needs.

#5: Rapid Shape

Rapid Shape offers a wide range of desktop printers for dental practices and high-performance printers for dental laboratories. Small desktop printers like the D10+ and D20+ enable on-site 3D printing without any special skills, according to the company.

The D20+ features pure resin cartridges and reservoirs but can be upgraded to an open liquid system. The larger and more versatile D3, D40, D70, D90, and D100 bring more speed and automation to the dental laboratory. In addition to proprietary materials, Rapid Shape works with well-known material manufacturers such as Dreve and Keystone Industries to offer a range of biocompatible resins.

Dentistry Revolution with Dental 3D Printers Manufacturers

Here we reviewed dental 3D printers manufacturers. 3D printing has great potential in the field of dentistry. It seems that the progress of technology in the coming years will make the leading companies produce more advanced devices so that both the cost and the time of the patients can be significantly saved. Most manufacturers will send you a test print, so be sure to request a test print to ensure the detail, finish, and durability are what you expect.